Product Feature
The unique super-fine bubbles generating device has created the new relish of SPA.
The Queen Bath equipment reserves the characters including:
1. Three-in-one(super-fine air bubbles, rich oxygen ions and SPA)massage service provided.
2. No matter by conventional bathtub, massage bathtub or other bathtub under different material, user identically can enjoy the professional water SPA result.
3. Objects to use this equipment include the SPA beauty-maker, building constructor, health gym holder, water-healing house and ordinary home.
4. The super-fine air bubble bath is a creative technology that can release skin tense, activate muscle and improve body metabolism.
5. The super-oxygen ions generator is a patent device, able to deeply clean skin and gently improve skin state.
6. The SPA massage is the innovative single-key converting function, convenient and good looking, able to promote enjoyment.
Product Focuses on
*Gently whiten and pretty skin.
*Remove cuticle and deeply clean skin hair foundation.
*Improve blood circulation and add skin's oxygen absorption capability.
*Release tense and eliminate body tiredness.
*Promote metabolism and activate body cells.
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