Product Introduction
*Super-fine air bubbles
1. Will make water appears white instantly from massive super-fine bubbles generated in the water.
2. High-energy super-fine air bubbles will collide one another and thus generate negative ions on water surface, which may stabilize user's nervous system and enhance the strength of body's immunity.
*Super-oxygen ions

1. The super-oxygen ions plus super-fine air bubbles can remove certain suspended material and bacteria from water to disinfect and deodorize the water.
2. The super-oxygen ion is an O2 carrying a negative ion; right after instantly mixed up with water, it will generate massive ionic group. By mean f the high oxidizing potential, the said negative ions would oxidize the bacteria, moulds or toxic matters as well as odor encountered, and thus can get the whitened, de-mould, deodorizing and disinfecting effects to human skin.

Product Functions

*Release body tense

1. Able to release headache, insomnia and muscle sore occurred to people living in the competitive modern time.
2. Speed up the blood circulation and remove waste from body by increasing the metabolism rate.
3. Make muscle release unconsciously, deeply breath and feel refresh spiritually.

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