*improve skin defect

1. The super-oxygen ions can perform deep cleanup and gently improve skin quality.
2. The super-fine bubbles can effectively accelerate the metabolism rate, increase skin's oxygen absorbing ability and make skin more bright, elastic and beautiful, thus would give you a nice appearance.


1. The super-oxygen ions can stimulate the anti-oxidizing mechanism inside human body and increase anti-ageing ability.
2. The super-fine bubbles can accelerate the metabolism rate, effectively release tense and thus add the anti-ageing ability.
3. The SPA water-flow injection can massage the body sensitive points and release the neck & waist load.


Frequently soaked in the Queen Bath can effectively eliminate bacteria hidden in skin surface, thus will reduce the folliculitis occurred.
The Queen Bath also has outstanding effort to remove teenagers’ skin pocks and improve skin disease made from bacteria or mould infection.

*Correct way to use this product(by switchover)

1. Use single key to switch the SPA flow massage and super-fine air bubbles bath (with rich super-oxygen ions).
2.Super-fine air bubbles milk-like bath: the super-fine air bubbles included in the while water contains rich oxygen that can speed up body's metabolism rate, improve blood circulation and facilitate toxics rejection, let user return back to youth energy and brilliant appearance, thus able to get self-confidence back.

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