Product Introduction
Super-fine air bubbles
  1. Will make water appears white instantly from massive super-fine bubbles generated in the water.
  2. High-energy super-fine air bubbles will collide one another and thus generate negative ions on water surface, which may stabilize user's nervous system and enhance the strength of body's immunity.
Super-oxygen ions
  1. The super-oxygen ions plus super-fine air bubbles can remove certain suspended material and bacteria from water to disinfect and deodorize the water.
  2. The super-oxygen ion is an O2 carrying a negative ion; right after instantly mixed up with water, it will generate massive ionic group. By mean f the high oxidizing potential, the said negative ions would oxidize the bacteria, moulds or toxic matters as well as odor encountered, and thus can get the whitened, de-mould, deodorizing and disinfecting effects to human skin.